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15/3 GMT 01.52 World - Oil Price - OPEC same old song... Again
The US is storing at a minimum 100.000 barrels per week, and have been doing so
for almost a year. The BE for US continental oil shale is currently $40..
OPEC is runnning out of steam.. Says just one thing lower price.!

15/3 GMT 01.47 Lucara Diamond Corp - LUC:OMX - LUC:TSX
Just increased holdings by another 2 million shares.. Silly move to sell
at this level..!

11/1 GMT 11.22 Lucara Diamond Corp - LUC:OMX - LUC:TSX
The company is finding more EST quality stones in the pay-zone,
At a cheap cost it must be pointed out...

8/1 GMT 20.46 Lucara Diamond Corp - LUC:OMX - LUC:TSX
I sense a certain amount of restlessness/fear in the heard... Totally unwarranted.

2/12 GMT 04.02 World - Oil Price - OPEC same old song
Donīt buy the 1.2 mmbopd cut... They are going to pump to the hilt at a price above
$48, Also the NONOPEC lot can easily fill the void. 40+ years experience talking here..

11/11 GMT 02.14 World - USA - Presidential Election
The silent majority Speaks! Finally!!!...

9/11 GMT 19.02 Lucara Diamond Corp - LUC:SAX - LUC:TSX - Exceptional Stone Tender 7/11 - 16/11
All the lots will be sold. And I will have to raise my full years revenue prognosis to
$280 - $290 million...
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